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Secrets of Coordination and Makeup to Help Women Push Old Age, Keep Youth

The way you dress and makeup greatly affects your appearance, and can even help you cheat to the age of ten if you know how to wear makeup correctly.

If you are a beauty lover, you will not be surprised by the power of makeup and clothes. Choosing, coordinating appropriate outfit or skillful makeup will help you look luxurious, elegant and youthful. And when combining these two factors, they will help you push old age, keep spring, help women stand out anywhere!

Choose the right size item

One of the most important criteria when choosing clothes is size. You will not be luxurious and attractive if wearing a baggy outfit covering all the advantages of the body. Moreover, know the appropriate coordination of clothes, for example, if you wear loose pants, you should wear tight shirts instead of a baggy shirt again. Don’t choose clothes that are too loose or too tight because they will ruin your appearance, making you look weird, sloppy and old.

Combine delicate accessories

A lot of people think that bags and shoes should be in the same color, but this color scheme is outdated. To look more luxurious and elegant, you should choose neutral colors, creating accents with accessories such as bags!

Secrets of Coordination and Makeup

Don’t forget the belt

Loose clothes make you extremely cluttered and heavy, not only making you look older but also less charming. An accessory that can save you from this situation is your belt. This is an extreme accessory, both to help you show off your small waist, while making you look balanced and slender. Moreover, with personality belts, you look even more impressive and luxurious!

Forget childish outfits

You will not be younger if you keep wearing childish costumes such as cartoon T-shirts or rock pants! They will only make you weird, more childish! If you want to wear youthful, jeans T-shirts are enough, but choose a simple color! Enough personality yet elegant enough.

Choose the right frame

Eyeglasses are also an accessory to help your face change. Therefore, the choice of eyeglasses is extremely important. Choosing the wrong size or style can change your whole face. There are many types of sizes, do not be afraid to try and choose the best frame for you!

Change hairstyles

Too flattened hair will make the defects on your skin more visible. You can curl gently, cut your hair a little more or dye it a different color to create a new feeling. It will make you look younger, brighten your skin too.

Change the nail color

Nails will also affect your appearance more than you think! Purple, peach, and pearls will make your hands look older, and may even create a contrast to your skin. You should choose beige, creamy white, … Oval nails are the best option you should.

Brush blush in place

As the name suggests, blushing is the blush on the cheek. However, to achieve the best effect, you should bevelled the cheekbones rather than stomping on the cheekbones.

Use chalk to shape properly

When creating blocks, you should use rule number 3, hit from the center of the forehead in a curve to the cheeks, then glide one more curve down the chin. Spread evenly, you will have a healthier, younger and more impressive skin.

Make up if needed

If your eyebrows are too thin or your lips are too pale, you should use eyebrows and makeup, apply mascara to deepen your eyes and brighten your face. Makeup isn’t bad, but pay attention to moderation so that your face looks the most natural!

Choose the right lipstick color

Too dark and dark lipstick will make your lips look thinner, and make you look older. You can switch to a lighter color like soft pink, or bright red, orange red for example!